In the Know Meeting

City In The Know Meeting

Hosted by Kiel Area Association of Commerce
Wednesday, March 14, 6pm in the Kiel High School Auditorium

The Chamber is working for both member businesses and the community. Often times in the past, the disconnect between organizations and the community has lead to a lack of understanding as to what these organizations short and long visions look like.

The purpose of these meetings is to bring City officials, organization leadership and the community together for an open forum.

Dr. Brad Ebert, District Administrator, will be discussing where the school district stands and share information about the referendum coming in April. He will be available to answer questions at this time.

Jamie Aulik, the new City Administrator as of Feb 2018, and Mayor Mike Steinardt, will be speaking about the vision and plans for the City.  

A representative from the River Walk District will explain the mission and goals of the River Walk District.  They will be discussing short-term projects and opportunities to enhance our main street district.